Dorsey Kaufmann

Dorsey Kaufmann is an artist living in Tucson, Arizona. She primarily works in time-based media, such as video, performance art, and 3-D installations. In this piece, she created the video to visualize the psychological state of the main performer (Autumn Eckman) and explore how her perceptions of the surrounding environment changes as the narrative unfolds. Dorsey’s broader work considers the way art can be used to translated our environment and reveal the complex histories of place. Dorsey has received numerous awards for her artwork, including the University of Arizona School of Art’s Marcia Grand Centennial Sculpture Award, the UA College of Fine Art’s Medici Scholar Award, and the French National Center’s Interdisciplinary and Global Environmental Studies Award. Her work has been exhibited at Biosphere 2, Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art, South by Southwest in Texas, the James and Anne Duderstadt Gallery in Michigan, Arts in the Public Sphere in Boston, MA, Arts Environments in Athens, GA, and for the College Art Association in New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA.