The Story

A collaboration for HarpFusion, dance, and film from faculty and students at the University of Arizona

March 14, 2020

12 pm

Kaldalón at Harpa Concert Hall
Reykjavík, Iceland



Mirage is an integrated multimedia performance exploring psychological dissonance as a result of abusive relationships. Music of Dmitri Shostakovich, Nine Inch Nails, and Ludovico Einaudi is paired with film and live choreography to portray the darkness of abusive situations and the internal conflict of someone struggling to find the light.  The title, Mirage, suggests a connection between a natural phenomenon of desert landscapes and the varying perceptions of reality that a victim can experience in trauma. Video imagery conflicts with live choreography, expressing dissonance between layers of a person’s experience: of reality clashing with memory, emotions, and false beliefs. Physical gestures within the harp ensemble itself underscore the integrated narrative between the musicians, dancers, and film.


This project is a collaboration between Autumn Eckman (Assistant Professor, School of Dance), Dorsey Kaufmann (MFA candidate, School of Art), and Dr. Michelle Gott (Assistant Professor, Fred Fox School of Music). Music is arranged and performed by members of HarpFusion, a six-member harp ensemble from the University of Arizona. We have also been profoundly supported by Willi Maerz, who provided the arrangement of Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No. 2 and who has served as our coach.


this is the journey of

surviving through poetry

this is the blood sweat tears

this is my heart

in your hands

this is

the hurting

the loving

the breaking

the healing

milk and honey rupi kaur

you look at me and cry

everything hurts

i hold you and whisper

but everything can heal

milk and honey rupi kaur

losing you

was the becoming

of myself

milk and honey rupi kaur



to fix me


                                                he left me


                                                s h a t t e r e d

than i had been


– but now i’ve got gold in the cracks amanda lovelace


This project has been made possible by a grant from the Fine Arts Fund for Excellence and the Bank of Tucson Student Tour and Outreach Fund in the Fred Fox School of Music. 

We express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this project in many forms, particularly:

Rex Woods, Director of the Fred Fox School of Music

Jory Hancock, Director of the School of Dance

Willi Maerz, Composer and Arranger

Jonathan Marquis, Video Artist for Drift

Julia S. Powell, Artist

John Nofs

El Sol Travel

Amy Burmeister

Jacqueline Shrestha

Scott Barker, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine

Shawna Moore at Safeguard Tucson

Katie Buckley

Elísabet Waage

Jesse Factor

Julian Secomb and Ingrid Hartman

Turntable Furniture

Copenhagen Furniture

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

Alex Svetlovsky

Marie Teemant

Christine Vivona

Dr. Jane Ackerley

Sam Freeman

Linda and Roger Freitag

Sean Bresemann

Debbie Gonzalez

Heidi Ackerley

Denise Wunderlich

Lisa Wetzel

William Ackerley

Loren and John Carruth

Patricia and Richard Carlson

Diana Place

Donna Jacowec

Ming-jen A. Chang

Pamela Down

Kerry S. Kelley

Paul H. Kleinstub